Monday, March 30, 2015

South Bend R2F2 Catfish Spin Combo w/ Kit - Review

Head out for a successful day of catfishing with South Bend’s R2F2 Catfish Spin Combo with Kit. This catfish fishing kit contains all the essential catfish fishing gear you’ll need to get started, including a South Bend fishing rod and reel, packed in a reusable plastic tackle box.

Strong Design

Catfish can be hard to catch since they are shy biters and will resist the line as much as possible. Often times this means losing your catch, a broken line and wasted bait. This two piece fiber glass rod with an EVA handle is strong enough to wrangle even the biggest catfish. The pole, complete with a graphite reel seat and size 55 spinning reel with an aluminum spool, is designed for easy use and a successful catch. The durable fiberglass construction of the R2F2 means you don’t have to worry about your pole snapping in half when the catfish resists.

Great Value

One of the best parts about this catfish fishing pole is that it comes with a kit filled with useful tools and accessories. Everything you need is packed into the tackle box for easy carrying and organized storage.

Inside the tackle box kit you will find:

  • Prespooled ball bearing
  • Chrome guides
  • Aluminum hoods
  • High visibility rod tip
  • Waterproof “How to Fish” guide

When shopping for a catfish fishing pole, you want to look for a strong and reliable rod and reel that is specifically designed for catching catfish. The R2F2 Catfish Spin Combo delivers with its durable design and fully-stocked accessory kit.

The R2F2 Catfish Spinner Combo Kit is in-stock and available for purchase.

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