Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Making a Fall Wreath from Your Own Backyard

Maybe a little sooner than you would have hoped, but here it is: fall! What better way to show our excitement and welcome fall into our homes than with DIY wreaths? One of the best things about fall wreaths is that you can use materials from your very own backyard to decorate them - and end up with an amazing wreath!

The key to making a great fall wreath is to make it seem like it came from nature itself, which is why using nature as materials is so great. This includes leaves, twigs, branches, pinecones, foliage and flowers. Using all of these materials also keeps the cost of making your wreath very low, which is always a plus no matter what season we’re in.

To give you a spark of inspiration, we’ve gathered the five best DIY fall wreath ideas and instructions on how to make them. Tackle these when you’ve got an hour or two to spare - it’s fun and relaxing, and an excuse to show off your skills!

1. Golden Leaves Wreath

Our personal favorite here at Paris Farmers Union is this simple golden leaves wreath from WildInkPress mainly because it has a twist (the gold). We mostly liked this one because it looked effortless and almost like the leaves just magically fell into that shape on the door. Get the tutorial here.

2. Sunshine Wreath

Another one we loved was this Sunshine Wreath from Yellow Mums. This one is a great pick because it seems like summer and fall came together in a wreath. It also has homages to nature with the sticks and the bright yellow rosettes. The Sunshine Wreath is the perfect wreath for someone who loves summer and fall and wants to honor both seasons. Get the tutorial from here.

3. Pinecone Wreath

The pinecone wreath from Keep Calm and Decorate is a top favorite and close to our hearts. Why? Because it allows us to show our state pride! The first thing we thought of when we saw this wreath was “what would that wreath look like with white pinecones?” For those who are unfamiliar, the white pinecone is the official Maine state flower (although it’s not really a flower). We think a wreath made of white pinecones would look beautiful plus it would help you school non-northerners who don’t know what our state flower is. Get the tutorial from Keep Calm and Decorate.

4. Fall Berry Sprigs Wreath

For those classy folks out there, the fall berry sprigs wreath from Made2Style is calling your name. We added it to the list because it was balanced and included various elements that remind us of fall, such as the foliage, berries and nice big colored leaves. Grab some branches and some leaves from your backyard to make this seasonal wreath. We would advise against real berries, though. No one wants little critters stealing the wreath at night. Get the tutorial from Made2Style.

5. Square Foliage Wreath

Finally, we wanted to end our list by shaking things up a bit. Who said that all wreaths have to be circular? ThriftyDecorChick challenges that stereotype and presents us with this one-of-a-kind square foliage wreath (which you can do using real foliage if you wish). Don’t worry about getting that square exactly right since no one will see it once you’re done. Get the tutorial here.

And that’s it, folks! We would love to see the wreaths that you all make - show us your projects on Facebook or Twitter!

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