Monday, March 5, 2018

A New Product For Chick Days!

Chick Days are here! It’s always a thrilling occasion when the first shipments enter the store, with their fluffy bodies and adorable noises.

Doting on chicks, and our chickens, is quite the job, albeit enjoyable, and we are always looking for ways to make that easier on our customers. We are thrilled to announce that Koop Clean chicken bedding is now available through Paris Farmers Union!

This innovative chicken bedding is an all-natural, quality chicken bedding consisting of a chopped blend of hay and straw, combined with the unique superior odor-neutralizing ingredient, Sweet PDZ.

The specialized blend of hay and straw is chopped which allows for easy handling as well as increase absorption. As an added bonus, the short cut makes cleaning it a breeze!

The bedding is insulating, which is perfect for chicks. Helping the coop to maintain a healthy temperature year round. The addition of Sweet PDZ effectively neutralizes the ammonia and other harmful odors; this helps your chicks and chickens (and you!) maintain their respiratory health.

Sweet PDZ is completely safe if ingested by the chicks, as it is an all-natural, organic zeolite. It is also a welcome addition to your garden, so the bedding is an excellent additive to your compost pile after your chickens have added their “special touch.”

And have we mentioned convenient? The bedding is packaged in plastic, makes it so easy to throw in the trunk of your car, with literally no mess. It also makes any leftovers that you have easy to store in the coop.

Specially formulated using only ingredients from the earth, Koop Clean chicken bedding will make your flock happy, while keeping your coop fresh, dry and insulated. From chicks to chickens, Koop Clean will be a welcome addition to your coop!
Be sure to pick up a bag the next time you visit your local Paris Farmer’s Union Store!

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